Getting Started with Interior Design Consultation


  1. When you call or email to set up a consultation we will have a short discussion about your project. 
  2. The next step is for a site visit so that our Interior Designer can see the scope of the work involved. 
  3. Once we understand what both of our expectations are of the project we will agree on either an hourly rate or a flat fee to get your design concept together.

Design Concept

  1. The first step is for a design concept and drawings (if needed) to be put together.
  2. This will give you images so that you can have a firm visual understanding of what the design will look like
  3. If you are happy with the concept we will proceed based on that.

Finish Selection

  1. All interior and exterior finishes will be selected and sourced
  2. All plumbing, lighting, and furnishings shall be chosen and priced
  3. Samples will be provided and brought to the site to see how they look in the space with any existing materials and natural light
  4. You will be left with a written document that gives you all of your selections in one place as well as the execution of all materials, demo, or builds
  5. You will also be given a PDF copy for your records so that all info is always at your fingertips.


  1. Your designer will be available to you and your trades for any and all questions and concerns for the duration of the project
  2. Photos will be taken at the end or the project for the client as well as the designers records.